About Therapy with Me

1359789374My approach focuses on meeting your needs.

You deserve to work with someone who understands how to tailor your treatment to you appropriately and has many tools in their toolbox to assist with the issues you bring to therapy.

A provider’s level of training and experience matters when assisting someone dealing with trauma in any form. Experience is essential because these concerns are complex, and their impact requires a therapist who will not apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

My clients describe me as warm, direct, and genuine. They feel safe, heard, and understood, and state that this helps them take risks to achieve their goals.

My approach to therapy is collaborative and empowering. We will examine the early experiences, relational patterns, and cultural identity factors unique to you and uncover the root causes of your problems to allow for more profound healing and change. Together, we will work to reclaim your power and purpose and help you understand yourself more fully.

There is a diversity of tools in my toolbox.

I use several different tools to help clients achieve their goals.

With training in psychodynamic, interpersonal, and feminist-relational theory, as well as EMDR, DBT, and LGBTQ-affirmative tools and models, I can help clients reduce maladaptive symptoms and patterns, feel more empowered and authentic, and apply skills with self-awareness and insight unique to them.

In addition, thanks to my membership in PsyPact, my clients can access treatment with me from the comfort of their homes in the spaces where they feel the most safe and secure. This format provides a tremendous advantage and reduces geographical barriers to treatment, helping clients find a good fit no matter where they are.

About Me

AdminMy training and expertise are diverse.

I am a licensed psychologist with over 15 years of training and experience, and I enjoy applying these in innovative and individualized ways with each of my clients.

Before starting my private practice, I worked in settings ranging from a community clinic to an eating disorder hospital to a college counseling center. I value working with people from all walks of life with various presenting problems.

While I specialize in working with trauma, grief, and loss in various forms, I also recognize and can effectively target other co-occurring concerns such as depression, anxiety, perfectionism, negative body image, disordered eating, life transitions, identity development, relationship problems, and so on.

Before becoming a psychologist, I was in the performing arts.

First, I was a dancer and then a singer for most of my adolescence and young adult life. During that time, I saw how perfectionism and performance went hand in hand for so many around me, and I saw several peers succumb to eating disorders.

Those experiences inspired me to work to create change, and I wanted to be part of a profession that sought to help people overcome their struggles and accept themselves without problematic expectations of what it means to be enough.

I want you to leave therapy transformed, inspired, and more aware of who you are and what you need. I’d love to talk with you more to see if we might be a good fit for working together.

Please get in touch with me, so we can start a conversation that can lead to helping you resolve problems that keep you stuck.