EMDR Therapy

2319596759EMDR is an effective intervention for treating trauma.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an approach created to treat trauma, and it has a robust body of research to support its efficacy.

I consider myself an integrated practitioner in treating trauma with my clients. I am EMDR-trained, and I use EMDR as needed for specific clients when it is an appropriate intervention.

I have found EMDR to be a valuable tool to help my clients move beyond the “stuck places” that keep them operating in survival mode or experiencing the same unwanted patterns over and over in their lives.

EMDR can be an excellent addition to talk therapy for some clients who feel stuck or for those who have come to address trauma specifically.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “neurons that fire together wire together.”

This is especially true with trauma due to the emotionally charged nature of the required responses to keep us safe.

When traumatic experiences date back to childhood (including chronic neglect and verbal/emotional abuse), these wired-together networks can be extreme and fixed. New experiences can also become added to these networks, keeping people stuck and afraid.

Our brains think they are helping keep us safe, but sometimes, they begin to do the opposite. They can start isolating us from others, sometimes making us disconnected from ourselves, afraid of living our lives, and generally stuck in the past.

1907619667EMDR can help you get unstuck from the past.

Through bilateral stimulation, EMDR helps you focus on the memory and reprocess the past trauma, allowing you to rewire these neural networks and leave the past in the past.

EMDR is not the only way to approach a traumatic past, but it is one excellent tool at our disposal to utilize as appropriate.

Within the context of a strong therapeutic relationship and solid treatment plan, EMDR can be a winning addition that accelerates healing and provides relief.

If trauma in the past prevents you from moving forward, contact me today. We can work together to help you move forward with your life.