Telehealth Benefits & Access

1954982335Is this actual therapy?

Like many private practitioners, I began offering teletherapy to my clients during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow for continuity of care and support them during a genuinely unsettling and isolating time.

However, I was a skeptic.

As a psychodynamic psychologist, I believed that you had to be in the room with clients to help them – that the intimacy of in-person therapy was a requirement for helping to create change.

I was wrong.

Not only did teletherapy go smoothly and allow me to bridge the gap during quarantine, but I transitioned my entire practice to fully telehealth-based and have not looked back.

There are so many benefits to using this modality to offer therapy to clients that far outweigh my initial concerns.

Telehealth sessions allow clients to have their pets and favorite self-soothing tools with them, and they no longer must travel to get to sessions. It reduces barriers to treatment, and therapy becomes more accessible to those who need it when and where they need it.

142501987To see if your state allows PsyPact, click here.

Becoming a member of PsyPact has now removed many geographical barriers to treatment as well.

I now have clients all over the U.S., which has been a fantastic development for me and them. PsyPact has 40 states that are part of the inter-jurisdictional compact, and more have introduced legislation that includes this new way of providing treatment.

Telehealth is easy to navigate and safe.

Clients meet with me on a HIPPA-compliant site that is safe and secure.

You only need a WiFi connection and a device capable of providing visual and auditory communication. You will receive a link to our session. Once you sign in, our session begins.

You pick a private space, and we select a convenient time. If you need more information about telehealth, don’t hesitate to contact me.