Individual Therapy for Adults

1204634497Therapy is a space reserved just for you.

If you could have figured things out independently, I know you would have, and I feel confident you have probably tried.

Many people take a long time to decide to come to therapy, which is understandable. Sometimes, it takes quite a while to realize there is a problem. Then suddenly, you know that things are not working, and you cannot fix them without help.

You may recognize a pattern in your life that is troubling you, you may have run out of coping strategies and feel lost, or you may think you have no one to talk to who would understand. Perhaps, you want to explore some options or your feelings.

Individual therapy provides a space where the topic concerns YOU and YOUR needs – with support, not judgment.

Here is the good news about individual therapy.

You get to take what you learn with you and continue to grow in your self-awareness over time.

Our approach depends on what you want to accomplish. Then, our work together begins.

A pill stops working when you stop taking it – or even before that in some cases – but the insight and skills you gain from therapy are yours alone, which is truly empowering.

307944542It’s not just talk; science guides the process.

Research shows that, in most cases, therapy is more effective than medication and that those who engage in it continue to benefit from these effects long after they leave treatment. The results are so much more than simple symptom relief.

When you invest in yourself, you see a return on your investment that increases over time.

Join me on this journey for yourself and see where it can take you. Whatever you struggle with, talking about it can help.