LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapy

1437974198Life for LGBTQ individuals is becoming hard to navigate.

As a group, LGBTQ individuals are seeing their human rights come under attack at unprecedented levels.

This traumatizing reality leaves many feeling unsafe in their communities and fearful for their futures.

This reality affects many individuals’ mental health and well-being as they navigate an increasingly overtly hostile and unpredictable environment.

Furthermore, many have grown up living and learning in unwelcoming and shaming spaces, from families to institutions that made them feel unwanted or unwell throughout their young lives.

Micro-aggressions leave a lasting impression.

The impressions of those micro-aggressions are challenging to overcome.

Healing from this specific type of trauma requires an overtly affirming and deeply understanding approach.

Too many LGBTQ individuals seeking therapy are still facing providers who are not following APA ethics and standards of care for this population. Those providers may bring hateful anti-queer rhetoric into the therapy, harming their clients further.

Understand that you are whole and complete as you are. Nothing about you needs to be changed, but you can change how you live and cope with your challenges. Know that you can accept yourself, feel whole, seek out, and fully receive the love you deserve.

1826108657You do not have to navigate this alone.

Therapy can help LGBTQ people facing challenges to their human rights and constantly experiencing micro-aggressions. The critical point is that the right support and community are crucial.

In our work together, we can focus on helping you develop self-compassion and self-acceptance while integrating important trauma work that will help you deprogram any harmful messaging that is not serving you.

Reach out for support today. You deserve to live your life without hiding who you are. I am here to help.