Individual Therapy for Women

Women have unique experiences and needs.

Women face many unique challenges, and seeking therapy from someone who appreciates a woman’s special needs can provide the proper context for improving their well-being.

Motherhood creates a level of complexity not appreciated by a man. Some women experience sexism that prevents them from excelling in their chosen vocation, and others are subject to abuse and violence from their chosen partner.

Recently, we have begun to understand how many women suffer discrimination, harassment, assault, and other forms of oppression within their lifetimes.

Even though there are more women in psychology than ever, the field remains haunted by a history that includes over-pathologizing and under-recognizing women’s lived experiences.

This adverse history lives on unless directly and actively challenged.

Recognizing how culture and lived experience shape our understanding of ourselves and the world and how these may also impact our functioning in various ways is part of creating a safe space in therapy.

Attending to other intersecting marginalized identities is also crucial when developing a complete understanding of any person with whom I work.

Therapy provides a safe space that allows women to share their challenges, allowing them to heal as they address those problems.

Through therapy, women can learn ways to deal with life’s challenges.

1444225883I believe that my clients are the experts in their lives.

While I hold expertise in my field of study that I bring to our work and offer to you, we will always work together to create change at the right pace.

Our time together allows you to identify the path we will follow as you learn new techniques for dealing with your challenges.

Women’s interactions with the medical system can often be disempowering and even traumatizing. Experiencing negative interactions is not the case with me. You will experience no judgment here. To the contrary, I am here to listen and walk beside you – as we design an approach unique to your needs.

I aim to help my clients have an empowering and embodied experience with therapy. Therefore, don’t suffer in silence alone. Let’s work together to help you with your unique experiences and needs.

The first step needed for us to start this journey is for you to contact me today.